Booth Assistants

Professional Booth Assistants for Promotional Events

You invest a lot of time and money into getting your booth just right, take it to the next level with our ModelsMT booth assistant / Booth hostess capable of showcasing the product like a member of your sales team.

Because our models are industry professionals, there is no limit to where you can feature them in your branding. 

This is brand marketing at the highest level…with a twist. We run a company forged in the intelligence of repeatable science and polished in the competitive world. We have a network of smart well-trained professionals that will attracting,  holding attention and teach your product. Our booth assistants will give you a fresh and friendly face to increase your audience, elevate your presence and inform your consumers better and more cost effectively than you ever thought possible.

 Exceeding  your customers’ expectation is our mission. ModelsMT  booth assistant / booth hostess is the natural extension of your brand at the point of contact.

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