ModelsMT Facilitates Solar Power Growth with our Spokesmodels | ModelsMT

Solar power is going to be absolutely essential to meeting growing energy demands while staving off climate change.” (Ramez Naam, professional technologist and writer). Solar energy is nearly infinite compared to the limited amount of natural resources left on Earth. Solar energy is also a more humane and sustainable of meeting energy needs than hazardous, burnable resources. In helping bring solar energy further into the fold, ModelsMT has teamed up with Solar Power International (SPI), and other events and organizations to make the world a sustainable place for future generations.

Further helping the important solar power industry, ModelsMT has worked with KACO and Terrasmart, both of which make solar power more available to the general public by offering products and installation services for personal and business use. With ModelsMT teaming up with KACO and Terrasmart, the future will show us the positive impacts these teams bring together.

Looking into the future, ModelsMT will likely collaborate with other solar energy companies and extend their reach into other important beneficial, progressive, and scientific industries. Just as well, we are seeking to add mores spokesmodels, hostesses and product specialists to add to our arsenal. With thinking of a better in future in mind, ModelsMT is always planning on how to make your next trade show and conference a memorable one. What better way to grab people’s attention with models that have the knowledge and experience necessary to articulate the benefits of your product and service? Our hostesses can be an extension of your sales team, and make sure that we understand your product well enough to answer all questions that your future clients have to offer.


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