Cisco Live san Diego

Cisco Live San Diego is more than just a conference, it’s an event you won’t want to miss. Cisco Live San Diego is a community, which, like all other communities, thrives on communication and interaction with others. This is what truly matters in the world of technology, and conferences like this one provide the perfect opportunity for professionals in the industry to network with others who are just as passionate about what they do.

While in San Diego, you’ll have many chances to connect with attendees who are just as excited to be there as you. You’ll also be able to take a stroll through the technological solutions area, as well as pose those questions you’ve been wanting to ask at the technical solutions clinic to a Cisco expert who can provide the information you need. The conference also includes meet-the-engineer sessions offer more hands-on expert answers.

There’s a lot to learn at Cisco Live San Diego. While there, you’ll have the opportunity to meet others who work in the same industry as you, and work toward building new relationships that will serve you well both now and in the future. ModelsMT talk to Cisco professionals as well as other representatives who are there to share their information and technologies. It is sure to be a learning experience for all in attendance. Take the time to relax in one of the most interesting and innovative cities in the United States. Enjoy the great weather of San Diego, while reaping the benefits of being in such an exciting area.

Ixia will be one of the attractions at this year’s Cisco Live San Diego conference. They are known for delivering real-time intelligence via app development and hard work, all the while keeping security and the future of technology in mind. They will be presenters at the conference, and will discuss a variety of diverse topics to include: solutions for exposed vulnerabilities, the importance of security across all devices and platforms, and the relevance of visibility. We provide with our product specialist and brand ambassador models to engage and inform their clients and future clients.

Attend Cisco Live San Diego, and see what all the hype is about. The information and networking opportunities make it an invaluable resource you won’t want to pass by.

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