What’s Happening at the June 3 Glazed Conference

The wearable tech era is upon us. Gone are the days when everyone carried around separate devices for everything, or even one large device to help them keep up with their lives. Now that wearable technology is both practical and fashionable, devices are being created that will integrate smoothly in to all aspects of everyday life.

So when will the wearable era truly come into its own? The Glazed Conference is built around this notion, and features a blend of the best of the best in terms of wearable technology. It’s mobile meets a whole new platform. Many of the companies who have been driving the mobile industry for years are now stepping up and getting involved in thee wearable tech era. This gives consumer’s options from companies they already trust, and new devices to try out. The conference outcomes will focus on an understanding of the true business opportunity this presents, along with how it can be capitalized on. What makes this conference unique is the innovation behind forward thought that is what technology will most likely work as wearables and what it will take to bring it to the next level for the entire community.

It’s all about gaining an understanding of the space as well as the technology, and figuring out how to grow business around it. It’s more than just an app or idea, and today’s innovators understand that. Now companies of all sizes are jumping aboard the wearable technology bandwagon, and coming up with new and interesting ideas targeted toward the consumers of today. While wearables haven’t quite become commonplace, the time will come soon enough when they are, and that’s one factor that will continue to drive the market. This part of the economy still has a lot of room to grow and develop, and there are plenty of money-making decisions that still need to be made. The good news is there are companies out there working on ideas of how to monetize this economy, and make these wearable devices more tangible options for people in the community. The conference will bring together ideas, while showing the progress that has already been made, and focusing on what needs to be done in the future.

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