The Excitement of GDC China

The Game Developers Conference, or GDC China, brings a unique forum into the region. The content is programmed by and advisory board that consists of local Chinese developers who are committed to the promotion and support of the growing games industry in the country. This is a very exciting conference, because it brings together developers and enthusiasts who wish to share ideas and learn about new trends and technologies all together in one place.

One of the best parts of GDC China is the support it receives both on a local and national government entities. The aim of GDC China is to advance the state of digital entertainment through the incorporation of the top quality from GDC content, along with worldwide reach from the communities. Gaming is bigger than ever, and this conference will only help it continue to grow.

GDC China will include presentations that address the most relevant and important topics and concerns among gamers today. These include: production, design, business and marketing, programming, tablet and smartphone games, and independent games. The aim is to cover all possible forms of gaming, while giving attendees the opportunity to ask questions and network with professionals in the industry who can answer questions and share ideas.

GDC China is targeted toward professionals who are looking for a platform for sharing ideas and learning about cutting edge technologies important to gamers. It also provides the perfect opportunity for studying future trends by gaining information about future developments. Networking is an important part of GDC China, and can help forge important relationships that will lead to collaborations and the development of new technologies. This is especially important because of the numerous game types and many ways in which they are now played. Sharing information allows attendees to learn about the tools available and network with one another face-to-face.

GDC China also offers much on the business end of the gaming industry. Game marketers can gain information that will help with the promotion and sales of products, while business-makers involved in the development of games and devices will learn more about different markets and industries. It’s definitely an event to attend, and will benefit all who choose to be a part.

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