Super Bowl SF – A Record-Setter

Super Bowl 50 was held in San Francisco, and made quite the splash in the records department. Over a million people visited the pre-Super Bowl events, including: Super Bowl City, which was presented by Verizon, the 50th Mile, and the NFL Experience, which was sponsored by Hyundai. There were plenty of events to attend, and a lot of coverage on each. This success helped set the bar for future host committees, illustrating the extraordinary leadership that took place to make it all happen.

The pre-events included plenty of Super Bowl 50 type, along with performance by some of the hottest music artists in the business. It was all about the fan experience, but it didn’t stop there. Plenty of technology was used for Super Bowl 50, and there were plenty of tech companies who were involved, showing off their goods while adding to the excitement of the events. The technology used for each event also played a major role in the advertising and promotion of Super Bowl 50.

The events featured the best food in the Bay Area, plenty of technology exhibits designed to show off the city’s technological prowess, and a multitude of cultural activities that illustrated the diversity of the city. I addition to celebrating Super Bowl 50, fans were also excited to recognize San Francisco’s place in professional football history.

Super Bowl 50 brought many visitors to the city of San Francisco, showing them the absolute best the Bar Area has to offer. It brought millions of dollars in new revenue to San Francisco, while simultaneously helping to promote the local communities. All in all, it was considered a success from every angle. All events were executed flawlessly, a notable accomplishment that occurred as a result of everyone in the region coming together to make it the best Super Bowl ever. The success of Super Bowl 50 is expected to extend well into the future, helping future Super Bowls, as well as continuing on the legacy for the Bay Area set by this monumental event. It was enjoyed by fans who were in attendance, as well as those watching from home, and will go down in history as a great and unforgettable success.

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