NACS – Las Vegas Voss Water

Bottled water has become commonplace both in the home and the workplace. Now more and more people are seeking out uncontaminated options, and foregoing the tap altogether. Voss Water is a Norwegian brand, from the v village of Vatnestrøm. It comes in two forms, still, and the sparkling variety. Now they bring their water to Las Vegas, where attendees can learn about the brand, as well as the advantages of choosing bottled over tap, and in particular, the Voss brand.

Businesses rely on bottled water to fill coolers, and employees drink it every day. Bottled water is also present at many business events, conferences, meetings, and lectures. Sparkling water is often presented as an option, catering to those who want fizz without sugar.

Women’s Health Magazine rated Voss number one among several bottled waters in 2007. One element that sets Voss apart from other bottled water companies is its container. In Europe, Voss is sold in a cylindrical glass bottle, while in the United States, it is packaged in cylindrical plastic bottles like most other brands.

From a consumer standpoint, bottled water is offered preferred over the tap because of its purity. Some tap water is even unfit to drink, causing some consumers to make the decision to purchase bottled water based on an actual need rather than a preference. This makes Voss a great option, because it is marketed in both Europe and the United States.

Attendees of the conference in Las Vegas will learn more about the product itself, and will have the opportunity to ask questions, and receive information about new products and services offered by Voss. If you are a company owner looking for a new option for your office, events and meetings you hold, or just simply to stock something new for your guests and important visitors, this conference is for you. You’ll learn more about the company as a whole, as well as their product. There will be different kinds of events to meet the needs of everyone. You’ll also have the chance to try out the product, which will help you when making your next bottled water purchasing decisions.

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