Cashplay at Casual Connect

Casual Connect is one of the most exciting events in San Francisco, and it becomes even more enticing now that Cashplay is a part of it. Now you can join many others who share your interest in mobile games, and want to gather in one place to network and win money in the process. There are plenty of games to play, and a multitude of opportunities to get involved in at the live mixer and other events designed to help attendees get to know one another while having fun.

In addition to playing games and winning money, you’ll also get to hear industry leaders talk about the latest trends and products. Casual Connect provides a wealth of information, while encouraging some serious game play in a relaxed environment. Learn how to increase monetization and accelerate income, while facilitating engagement with others. Now you can learn about the revolutionary cash tournament model for skills games. It’s the perfect opportunity to gain new information, while making new friends and many invaluable connections with others who are as enthusiastic about gaming and making money as you.

Cashplay is a unique platform that enables online and mobile gamers to actually compete for real money. This form of monetization is desirable, because it allows skilled gamers to receive cash for their playing efforts. Their presence at Casual Connect gives gamers an incentive to play in an environment that promotes networking and learning all in one place.

Why not come connect up with other gaming enthusiasts, and take a chance on winning money in the process. It’s a fun and interesting way to learn more about Casual Connect. Besides, who can turn down a good party atmosphere? San Francisco is also an exciting place to be, especially in terms of technology, as many similar events are held there each year. Join in the fun, and see why Cashplay and Casual Connect are such a big deal. There is sure to be plenty of food, fun, and opportunity there for everyone. It’s an event you definitely won’t want to miss, and one worth marking on the calendar right away.

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